My confidence back in 2 weeks!!!

For many years i had suffered from severe acne and rough skin.

Many members of my family and friends had the same problem, we were told at some point that it was simply "genetic" and we could never get rid of it. Women that do not necessarily have acne experience some hormonal changes during their periods, which could also be accompanied by pimples. Not only that i had severe acne, but it was getting worse during my period. I had used and tried every product that was on the market and claiming to solve this, being so desperate and hopeless i listened to a few friends recommendations that even got it worse. That was it!!! i was officially tired and drained, just on the verge to accept that acne was my new reality for the rest of my life - It did not really matter when i was a lot younger, but then i was getting into College, in the "real World". I remember skipping classes to avoid bullies and bad jokes about how pathetic i looked with that much acne on my face. Make-up was not going to save me either. 


In my last year of College, after studying marketing and sales for almost 3 years i realised that my biggest dream would be to find a product that would give a perfect skin without acne and restore my confidence. An old friend of mine based in Africa new a lot about natural ingredients that could deal with acne. He kept calling me to share the results of the combinations he had made, having used all possible products i just was not going to try another one from Africa for that matter. I told him if he brought the plants over in the UK, we test and approve them as safe we could grow those natural ingredients here then i could try it. He told me they were not exotic ingredients and plants, he said they are all organic and grow everywhere in the world, given they are mixed with the right organic other ingredients it would be the PERFECT recipe for a FLAWLESS, RADIANT and ACNE FREE skin. I still needed to check. 

We have brought the organic ingredients to the lab for testing, before we even got the results i could not wait to try so i did my own mixture of my suggested friends ingredients ad applied for 14 DAYS, i have had a rough skin with acne virtually all my life and it was gone in JUST TWO WEEKS. i could not believe it!!!


My friends and family when i got back home from college with a face so perfect, they got emotional, we all got emotional. Everyone started to ask about it - They all wanted to try and see if it could work for them. The results were just getting better and better. 


A week after, we finally got the results from the lab. The combination of the ingredients was approved as safe and very promising. 

When i went back to college and we were ready to write our project, i had a different project before joining. The bullies, insults and critics about my skin and my eternal acne had made me strong, most of all they had inspired me. I knew i could not have been the only one going through that, but i know i was going to be the one to reverse that. 

i wrote my project on setting up a skincare business, having studied marketing. I was the best in my class at selling, i was already working as a sales/marketing agent before completing my course. I also deeply believe in this amazing skincare line inspired by organic ingredients, so i put the two together and i thought I WILL WORK SO HARD so no other kid, teenager or adult never have to be bullied because of severe acne or their rough skin. 

I graduated, and set up this company dealing with skin issues, skins that have become dull because they are not well taken care of. I have set up a business called RADIANT MELANIN LONDON LTD and for a year now, i have been carrying this amazing duty on my shoulders to restore people's confidence trough their skin!!!!!